How To Stop Boredom Eating And Try Healthy Alternatives Instead

If you have a conversation with anyone who feels overweight and ask them what is the main reason that pushes them to eat, they will probably tell you that it’s not hunger.

In fact, people don’t always eat because of hunger.

Most of the people who gain extra weight eat toward what we call boredom or emotional eating.



They are not hungry at all, but they can’t stop eating because they are too emotional and they find themselves eating to deal with a bad situation they are going through or because they have uncomfortable emotions.

When they feel happy for instance, they use food as a reward, but they also eat lots of junk food, sweets or snacks when they feel stressed.

If you always asked yourself why this was happening to you, don’t feel guilty because you are not alone.

In this article, you’ll learn how to cut down boredom eating and develop new and healthier eating habits no matter how you feel: happy or stressed.

To stop boredom eating, you can get a personal journal or a piece of paper and list the things you might do instead of eating. Nighttime eating can enable you to eat more calories than you need and cause weight gain.

Practicing mindful eating is simply not enough. As a way to stop emotional eating, you need to discover other strategies to fulfill yourself emotionally, like going to the gym or starting a workout plan for instance.

Emotional eating stipulates a release from discomfort, giving a momentary awareness of pleasure and satisfaction when you’re feeling whatever you don’t wish to feel. You don’t need to do much to stop compulsive eating.

Even if you wind up eating, you will have a better knowledge of why you did it. If you’re serious about stopping boredom eating, you need to discover new effective approaches to take care of your emotions.

The next time you’re bored and going to take partn in boredom eatig, stop for an instant and ask yourself if you really need those snacks you left in your kitchen. If you really feel hungry, it’s ok.

But if you know that you don’t need it, just forget it and resist. It’s sad to say but boredom eating is becoming too common just because of the amount of stress we accumulate daily due to the long hours we spend working, watching TV or in front of our computer or smartphone.

We no longer take the time to sit down and just relax like in the old days. Everything today is going so fast. If you’re boredom eating or binge eating more frequently than you’d like, it might be the indication of a serious underlying problem.

There are several reasons food can be quite so seductive in moments of stress. Men and women reach for food for many factors. While certain people use food to muffle their feelings in a marriage that went bad or a difficult relationship, others use food as a treat to cope with a job their hate.

More and more people are nowadays burning around 100’s fewer calories daily in their jobs, which might result in weight gain as time passes.

It’s wonderful how calories and weight may add up when you are simply eating for the interest of it, and that’s what you really need to track your eating, as it really will help to combat eating out of boredom. A diet won’t ever resolve that.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re eating a balanced diet plan and eating enough, your cravings for more food shouldn’t be out of control.

Eating isn’t likely to assist you achieve what you desire. It can perhaps ease the tension for a short period of time. Eating of boredom cannot just be a habit, but one that contributes to inadequate health.

You might not enjoy or taste the food because you’re eating it mechanically, like in a trance. Food smells good and tastes good, and as we need to eat it three times every day there’s tons of room for the superior stuff.

Don’t be too hard on yourself whether you do reach for that comfortable food only a little too often.

Food is soothing on account of the chemical changes it creates in your entire body. Employing food for virtually any reason aside from putting nutrients into your body is able to lead you in cycle of overeating.


A Few Extra Tips To Stop Boredom Eating 


Luckily, you can break the practice of emotional eating. Anyone will say the perfect way to break a bad habit is to replace it using a good one. Make an affirmation which you will mentally repeat as needed to unlearn the practice of eating mindlessly on the job.

Boredom makes people convulsively try to find any occupation, so they wouldn’t be idle. It can be one of the greatest challenges on the road to weight loss, not to mention on the road of life.

The simplest and most productive way of guaranteeing that you don’t eat for boredom is making sure there’s nothing but nutritious options as your go to in the home.

When you’re eating out of boredom it’s simple to do so without being mindful of how much you’re actually eating and that’s whenever the pounds often begin to pile on.

Consequently, boredom is the consequence of getting your motor running while also getting your foot on the brake.

There are many sorts of boredom and most of the time people use food to fight negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration and so on.

We all agree that we need food for our own survival, but we can also find alternative ways to deal with emotions that push us to eat.

Sometimes boredom and busyness are due to feeling disconnected from what you do. Other times we may feel alone. If that’s your case, you can try these healthier ways to get the help you might need:

Start a workout plan:

Exercising will help you because it will force you to move your body. This will blow off steam and get your endorphins going.

Write what you feel:

Describing your own feelings in a paper or a personal blog can have a healthy benefit because it will force you to put words on your problems.

Get help from other people:

As one of my favorite songs says, “we might always need somebody”. There are some problems you can’t face alone. To help you process your feelings, you can seek for social support or the help or others who faced what you’re going though right now and who managed to get ride of their boredom eating.

The majority of the ways to better your quality of knowledge and conquer boredom are internal. The issue is that sometimes people don’t lose all of the weight back. If it is a work problem, see whether you can sort it out.

Go for a walk even if you think it’s not necessary

Go out and have a walk. As you plan your day, attempt to plan a minimum of one thing that will take you outside of your house at some point in case you have a day off.

This will help you get busy and focus your mind on something else than food. Each day gives limitless opportunities to improve your situation.

Practice mindful eating, drink water as often as you can and avoid drinking soda and hopefully you will be fine.


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