5 Simple weight loss hacks I think you should know

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In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you 5 simple weight loss hacks I think you should know if you’re actually trying to lose weight and get into better shape. So, these are things that I see many people trying to lose weight use and they seem to work well for them.

NOTE : Before you dive into this article, however, remember that this blog and the advice I give you here are purely for information. I am not a health professional so, before putting anything into practice, always ask your doctor for advice.

Not long ago, I started looking for information on the Internet about how to lose belly fat. I spend a large part of my day sitting on a comfortable chair. I work sitting. When I take my car to go shopping at the supermarket, I drive sitting.

I think that is also the case for many of you, right?

With all these hours that I spend sitting, I quickly realized that I was starting to take a little belly.


I had to do something, very quickly. You see what I mean?

So that’s how I found these hacks. And guess what? A lot of them really helped me so I thought that I would share them with you on my blog today. What I like about these weight loss hacks is that they’re ” weight loss hacks ” but they’re still healthy.

What I mean about that is that they’re not super EXTREME. They’re simple and healthy.

So, hopefully, if you are trying to lose weight and get into better shape then they can help you too.

Alright, let’s get started with the first hack.

1. Only eat when you sit

Well, the first weight-loss hack that I’m going to be sharing with you today is simple and easy to implement: don’t stand when you eat.

Like any of us, I’m sure when you’re hungry, your first instinct is to go to the kitchen, open the fridge to see what you can eat.

As soon as the fridge is open, you take something, a small glass of orange juice in your hand and you start to eat there, standing right in front of your fridge.

Then a few minutes later, you go back for something all small and then a few minutes after that, you go back again to get another small part of something else.

Since you only eat small portions, you certainly think that it will not hurt you. But before you know it, you’ve eaten way more than you ever thought you would have just because of those little nibbles in front of your fridge.

If you have recognized yourself in this situation, it means that it is time to change something in your way of eating.

Rather than eating small amounts of food here and there, opt for a full meal. Book yourself a few minutes just to eat and nothing else. Prepare a good meal and sit comfortably on a dining table.

Avoid eating upright. When you’re up and eating, your digestive system is constantly disturbed. Consequences, you risk having a bad digestion and this feeling of always being hungry.

When you actually eat a decent amount of food, you won’t be hungry to keep on snacking constantly. Try to make it a rule that you only eat when you’re sitting down to avoid this kind of habit of constantly snacking, just standing around and eating again and again.

2. Eat something before you go out

The next weight-loss hack is to eat something before you go out and do your grocery shopping. Whether it’s a meal or just a small snack even if you’re feeling a little bit hungry, just grab a small snack before you go and then you’ll be less likely to make unhealthy impulse purchases like buying junk food that could keep you from achieving your goal of losing weight.

Eating something before going out can help you lose weight because you won’t be as hungry since your belly will already be full. So, you won’t be thinking with your stomach. We all know that we have less self-control over food when we’re hungry.

Hence just by having a small snack before you go grocery shopping can help to keep you on track with putting healthier foods in your trolley.

3. Always have a specific goal in mind with your weight loss

The third hack I would like to share with you is to always have a specific goal in mind with your weight loss. Makes sense, right? This looks simple but just by taking a minute to sit down and think about what your goal is, you can actually help yourself to achieve your overall weight loss goal.

You don’t need anything complicated. A specific goal in mind like saying you’re going to lose five pounds in a month or two pounds in a week can make you more likely to lose those pounds.


Because you’ve actually decided what you want and so you’ll be more likely to stick to your whole plan.  It’s psychological. Just saying you want to lose weight is so vague. You must have a specific goal. Hence rather decide how much weight you want to lose and then choose a date that you’re going to lose that weight.

By doing so, it will give you something to work towards and in your mind, you won’t feel like it’s just a never-ending thing.

4. Don’t snack after meals or when you’re bored

This hack makes me laugh because I recognize myself perfectly in it. I’ve been trying to fight this bad habit for years but honestly, I’m struggling to get rid of it.

Generally, after eating I like to nibble something sweet. I know it’s not good and that’s exactly what contributed to my belly weight. But it’s stronger than me.

It happens to me even when I’m not hungry anymore. I tell myself that a small cookie does not hurt. And hop! Before I noticed it, I almost ate half a packet of cookies.

So, if you’re in the habit of snacking straight off the meals or grabbing a sweet treat after meals even though you’re not hungry anymore, or if you’re in the habit of snacking when you’re bored, this can cause you to eat extra calories that you just don’t need.

To break this habit, rather make a cup of plain herbal tea and sip on that. Just the action of making the tea instead of sweet or dessert can help you to break your old habits and form a new one. Then having that tea next to you or in your hand helps to act as a reminder.

Alternatively, you can also use gum to do the same thing. Choose a minty flavor so that it doesn’t necessarily resemble sweets but it kind of feels fresh and it helps you to break your old habits.

Now, I know that gum is not the healthiest thing in the world, but I think using it to help break your old snacking habit can really be helpful for you and have a major impact on your pursuit of losing weight.

5. Have a workout schedule and just stick at it

My fifth and last hack is to have a simple workout schedule that you can actually stick to. Don’t make it too complicated or too extreme. Schedule it into your week that way you won’t have an excuse to say that you don’t have time to work out.

Even if you’re a busy person; by the way we’re all so busy these days, you just have to make time for it.

For example, you could write in your weekly planner to do a workout every Wednesday and every Friday at 7:00 a.m. or whatever times best suits you.

According to some studies, it appears that people who wear some kind of step tracker or an activity tracker are more likely to complete their workouts and maintain a more active lifestyle than those who don’t.

Even if the tracker is not going to be the thing that makes you lose weight, it can help to keep you motivated to stay active and to just keep you moving.

As you probably already know, moving helps to burn more calories, which helps to burn body fat and hence lose weight.

Moving forces you to stay more standing for three hours extra day and this alone can help you to burn up to 150 calories compared to a lower amount of calories burned while sitting.

So, alongside with your workout routine, try to stand for a little bit extra each day instead of sitting all day long.

Finally, there it is! I think you understand the principle of this article.

I hope these 5 simple hacks will really help you improve your health. As for me, I continue to apply them to lose some of my belly fat.

I’ll see you soon for a new article.


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